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Austin, Texas Metallic Trio Stitched Up Release “X2Y” Single!

Austin, Texas metallic trio, Stitched Up released the single “X2Y” via all streaming platforms. The song is the fifth single release from their upcoming sophomore album Jupiter Jazz And The Suicide Cult.

Matthew MacMorran executes super charged, revved up riffs similar to early Clutch, perfect for the intensity of Vincent Price’s driving and killing in the teaser video. Rom Gov pounds the drums hard and steady, keeping the song’s intense flow. Chris Rogers guttural emissions convey the song’s frustration and anger.

“X2Y” is a grim realization of being caught in the nonstop party life style with drugs combined with a chaotic state of mind. Many people never escape it and go until they lose everything including themselves. X represents the horizontal (ecstasy) and Y represents vertical (reasons why) with both meeting at the center of the system known as the origin (oneself). They both intersect each other’s axis at zero (nothing). In other words, the cycle is a circle and the circle is a cycle that never ends. 

The song contains a sample from Vincent Price in the film The Last Man on Earth. Price dies calling everybody freaks as a representation of how we view the world when we are our lowest. It’s a metaphor of feeling like we are the last human on earth with nobody to understand us.

Stitched Up also include a teaser video of the song containing grind house-style footage from The Last Man on Earth. Vincent Price killing vampires while they are sleeping as he is searching for a cure to humanity is an allegory to how we search the earth. We have many different ways to find peace with ourselves, but only find ourselves running around in circles. The footage is also an homage to the master of horror and old school grind house movies.

Click HERE To Stream The Teaser

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