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  • Jason Hesley

AURI- Release new single & visualizer 'Kiss The Mountain'

Embrace the atmospheric auditory imagery of fantastical valleys of other fairytale dimensions and soon gone fireside bards.

Dwell for just a moment in treasuries of dreamlands and ponderings that see mundane things turning into otherworldly miracles.

Feel welcomed to embark on endless adventures on long roads untrodden and ships never sailed.

As if frozen in time, you’ll be captivated by heart-burstingly elating fare-thee-wells for those dearly departed.

Today the album “II-Those We Don´t Speak Of” is finally released, and treats us along with a third single and visualizer: “Kiss The Mountain”.

The song lives and breathes from the beautiful, multiple layered vocals.

Sparsly but effective underlining instrumentation makes it a true candidate for a movie soundtrack.

Vocalist Johanna Kurkela muses over the song as follows: "There’s a place at the edge of an ocean, where wind speaks through lungs of steel. A mountain awaiting a traveler. A dream awaiting a dreamer. You’ve come this far, do you dare to go all the way? Doubt may come and visit, but it’s just another friend along the journey. A gentle reminder of that perfect Kiss Of Life upon arrival. Imagine you’re already there. Find your smile, light a beacon, and let us hear you Roar!" - Johanna

Watch the visualizer here:

Hear the soft words that empower those feeling inadequate and reassurance to others fearing death.

AURI’s are the keys to a dimension of awe no one else sees. Only theirs to offer are the mystical, soundscapes and ethereal vocals.

Theirs to hold are the magical powers that can melt the steeliest of hearts and make grown men cry.

AURI invites the listener along for journeys no other band can provide.

Come, my love – now it‘s calm enough to go.

Order and listen to the new album here:

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