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  • Jason Hesley

AURI - release new single & video "The Valley"!

Close your eyes and dive into the magical tunes and hear Johanna's youthful and tender voice...fragile, yet powerful and moving beyond words.

You can almost see the green and peaceful little valley taking shape in front of your inner eye.

“The Valley” is the second single taken from the upcoming album “II - Those We Don´t Speak Of”, which will be released on September 3rd.

Tuomas Holopainen comments on the track as follows:

"The Valley is an ode to homecoming. It`s about things worth a long wait, and about all the wondrous waypoints on the road.

And, while you`re wandering on that road, why not write a little tune to keep you company. A tune most delicate and hard to catch, but willing to reveal itself once you`ve made your journey, and have almost reached home."

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