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  • Jason Hesley

ATROPINE released song "Fallen"from upcoming album "Sanity Desecration"

Atropine was founded in October 2009 in Rzeszów - in the heart of Podkarpacie voivodeship. In the meaning time line-up was changing and in 2015 band began to actively tour. In February 2019 Atropine released first full-length album titled "Death is coming...". In 2020 Jakub “Skiborg” Skibiński joined to the band and in the shadow of COVID-10 they started working on music for new studio album.

Regarding songs on second studio album titled "Sanity Desecration". The compositions became an expression of disgust caused by the deteriorating mental condition of humanity. Society is becoming easier to manipulate, which is used by individuals with power and money. Such people are more likely to show signs of dehumanization and psychopathic tendencies. Common sense, sober and rational thinking are now becoming the domain of the few. Total war is near. Sprinkled with blasphemous, brutal death metal riffs.

Music was recorded, mixed & mastered by Paweł Leniart at Dźwiękonarium Studio (Diaboł Boruta, Pandrador). Cover artwork was done Jakub “Skiborg” Skibiński.

Release date is scheduled on September 29, 2023. Pre-order is available at Via Nocturna Records webstore.

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