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  • Jason Hesley

ATHIRIA Unleashes New Single "Decay" Paired with a Lyric Video!

Austrian death metal sensation, ATHIRIA, proudly presents their latest single, "Decay." Augmenting the auditory experience, the band has concurrently released a lyric video, allowing fans to traverse the profound narrative encapsulated within the song.

"Decay" encapsulates the quintessential ATHIRIA style—a fierce amalgamation of roaring vocals, commanding drums, and gripping guitar sequences. This composition not only showcases their musical prowess but is also set to fortify ATHIRIA's esteemed standing within the global metal fraternity.

The accompanying lyric video, available on YouTube, offers an eerie yet enthralling visual treat that seamlessly syncs with the track's ethos. The visual artistry displayed bears witness to ATHIRIA's persistent pursuit of perfection and their continued growth in the music arena.

Experience "Decay" on Bandcamp: Decay - Bandcamp

Dive into the visuals with the lyric video on YouTube: Decay - Lyric Video

Chris from Kvlt und Kaos Productions shares, "When collaborating with a band as dynamic as ATHIRIA, our aim is to amplify their sound visually. 'Decay' is more than just a track, it's an emotion, and they've strived to encapsulate that intensity in the lyric video."

Andrei from ATHIRIA adds, "'Decay' is a culmination of our journey, our passion, and our evolution as a band. We want to bridge the gap between our sound and our story, giving fans a complete experience."

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