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  • Jason Hesley

ATAVISTIA Unveil "Beyond The Meadows Of Fire"

"Beyond The Meadows Of Fire" is the heavy and theatrical offering from Canadian epic metal band, ATAVISTIA. A fresh take on the track from their debut album One Within The Sun, this redux version showcases the band's progression. Become immersed in their captivating sound as they unleash a fury of intricate orchestration, high-speed rhythms, atmospheric synths and fierce vocals. "Beyond The Meadows Of Fire" is out now. You can stream it HERE.

Band founder Mattias Sippola comments:

"I’ve grown so much as a musician/producer over the years and it was time to re-record a track off of the debut. We’ve been playing 'Beyond The Meadows Of Fire' live almost every show lately and we shall be playing it in Europe so it only made sense to redux the song to our modern standards. It was an absolute blast to revisit this track and we’re extremely happy with the outcome!"

Following their latest and acclaimed album Cosmic Warfare, ATAVISTIA have revamped one of their early compositions, "Beyond The Meadows Of Fire". Continually growing as musicians, this new version gives the track another lease of life with enhanced production showcasing the ethereal soundscape in a new light. Prominent percussion and bass manifest a heaviness that grounds the track in the dark depths while orchestration, haunting choirs and melodies combine into a powerful and elevated arrangement.

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