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  • Jason Hesley

ATAVISTIA Announce New Album 'Cosmic Warfare'

Epic metal quartet ATAVISTIA are preparing to unleash the next full-length album Cosmic Warfare early in 2023, following their 2020 album The Winter Way. Beginning as a bedroom project in 2016, the outfit soon emerged into a full band in 2018. Their music is influenced by nature, science, space, fantasy, as they strive to take listeners on a journey through the awe-inspiring plains of our world, before witnessing its end and eternal nothingness.

"'This upcoming album portrays many emotions which have transpired over the past two and a half years. There are dark moments full of pure chaos and anger to moments of triumph and tranquility. I am very proud how to the album flows together."

Drawing inspiration from the Scandinavian metal scene, ATAVISTIA find themselves frequently likened to WINTERSUN. Embracing this the band have launched a pre-order for their new 'Hell Sauna' T-Shirt design parodying the Finnish metallers.

"The Hell Sauna is hotter than any Finnish, Russian, Norwegian, or Swedish sauna. So hot in fact, it can melt the flesh off of those who linger in the steamy crevices for too long. Be careful when entering these lava pits or else you’ll end up like our poor friend there on the right."

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