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  • Jason Hesley

At present, Heidens Hart Records ends 2022 with an exclusive vinyl attack!!

Out now on vinyl for the first time. This self-titled album is the band's fourth full-length and show a perfect balance of full-on aggression and melodies through well written song structures. Founding member Levithmong is at the top of his game behind the drums. The aggression and riffing brilliance from the first two albums are easily matched, but this time also executed with superior precision, making this arguably the strongest album in Cirith Gorgor's discography. No keyboards, no cheesy gothic, no symphonic, no boring filler intros - the focus on strong riffs and sheer aggression makes this a gem of old style fast melodic black metal that is recommended to fanatics of old Dark Funeral, old Enthroned, old Immortal.

The album has now been fully remixed in 2022 by Toneshed and with new vocals recorded by current vocalist Pestus. This violent black metal storm is now released on vinyl LP for the first time ever. Completely produced in The Netherlands; instead of opting for low quality product or low-wages countries, Heidens Hart are working with a high quality pressing plant in their own country to present a great sounding luxurious vinyl edition, which does this album justice on all levels.

The 2021 best-selling album is now available on vinyl again. This time on gold colored vinyl, again pressed in Frisia - keeping this album fully written, recorded and pressed in the band's own region. Kjeld plays fast paced black metal without forsaking melody and dynamics. This album is crafted with impressive songwriting and a monolithic sound, with total attention for pure genius melodies, fueled with the most ferocious and aggressive drumming The Netherlands has to offer. This album is pure creative mastery, with their trademark sound and riffs combined to create their own unique sound. As always, the songs are soaked in the rich and ancient Frisian history, and solely chanted in Frisian, a minority Germanic language most closely related to English.

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