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  • Jason Hesley

ASVNDER to release "From the Ocean, As Tall As the Sky"

There may not have been a more appropriate titled record than this newest endeavor from the mind of Oli Jeffrey (Tristys). From the Ocean… is a fucking behemoth of a record that is as devastating as it is beautiful. Referred to by Oli as a “glacier” of an album, moving slow and heavy like a giant emerging from the sea. This drone/doom release is absolutely going to be one to watch. The kind of album that sort of fails description, when what you really need to do is just hear it - as loud as humanly possible.

Add to that the fact that Oli is just an all around fucking excellent person, and you’ve got quite the piece of music. From their own self-description: ”I write and publish roleplaying games like Quietus and the upcoming The Woods at Blight's Hollow and Arkham Herald. I'm queer, leftist, anticapitalist and antifascist. I support trans people and people of colour. I do not support cops. I'm happy for you to call me he or they.”

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