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Asterise to release "Two Worlds" on Dec. 2nd!

Multinational symphonic power metal band Asterise is set to release their debut album "Two Worlds" on December 2nd 2022 via Finnish record label Inverse Records. Two singles, Falling Stars & High Above the Horizon has already been released from the upcoming album. BIOGRAPHY: Asterise is multinational Power Metal "opera" project. The project started in 2018 when Bartlomiej Mezynski and Dionysis Maniatakos joined forces to create something fresh and new, however which will also refer to the classic bands like Stratovarius, Gamma Ray or Avantasia. The lyrics are about a person being trapped between two worlds. Souls being locked between good and bad sides. It tells a little story about different states of minds. Showing a journey from being lost, being deceived by own desires, searching for home and finaly reaching the top of the world and fulfilling the destiny. While listening to the album you will experience great emotional trip thanks to a lot of slow, beautiful orchestra and piano parts. The journey starts right here. PRE-SAVE Two Worlds album on Spotify:

Track list:

1. Intro 2. High Above the Horizon (feat. Tristan Harders, Arnaud Menard, Katharina Stahl) 3. Eternal Flame (feat. Tristan Harders, Arnaud Menard, Mateusz Karmelita) 4. Frozen Lake (feat. Tristan Harders, Arnaud Menard, Katharina Stahl) 5. Promised Land (feat. Tristan Harders, Katharina Stahl, Andi Kravljaca) 6. Falling Stars (feat. Tristan Harders, Arnaud Menard, Jimmy Hedlund) 7. Masked Parade (feat. Tristan Harders, Arnaud Menard) 8. Top of the World (feat. Tristan Harders, Arnaud Menard) 9. Funeral of Souls (feat. Tristan Harders, Arnaud Menard, Katharina Stahl)

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