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  • Jason Hesley

As The Palaces Burn releases version of "Mass Hypnosis", sepultura classic!

The Brazilian band As The Palaces Burn begins 2022 with the release of the new EP, entitled 'Offer To The Gods'. Inspired by sepultura's classic and masterful phase, As The Palaces Burn chose the anthem "Mass Hypnosis" to debut this work, which comes accompanied by a music video that can be seen below.

"Under the strong influence of Max Cavalera, I took over the vocals of this track faithfully performing the original record. It is a classic of the national metal, since Sepultura still keeps this song on its live set ", comments guitarist Diego Bittencourt.

'Offer To The Gods' pays homage to big names in Brazilian metal, with versions of songs by the angra bands "Streets Of Tomorrow", Dr. Sin "Fire" and Sepultura "Mass hypnosis".

"Since its first work, As The Palaces Burn presents tributes to its authorial material, always being very well received. And to celebrate the national metal, came the ep tribute 'Offer to the Gods', which honors some of the bands with greater expression of Brazilian rock and metal. This launch marks the new phase of the group, with its new visual identity, an excellent production, which brings Adair Daufembach (Tony MacAlpine, Angra) in the mix and Carlos Fides (Shaman, Almah, Nocturnall) in graphic design. This release becomes an extra fuel for the next unreleased album that will come in the sequel", comment to band.

The Palaces Burn have also finished recording the second album, titled 'Drowning Into Shadows', due for release in late 2022. The first single from this new work "For the Weak", was released in 2021 and features a lyric video exclusively debuted by the Brazilian magazine Roadie Crew.

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