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As The Palaces Burn releases new single and lyric video “For The Weak”

With its new visual, As The Palaces Burn launches “For The Weak”, the first single of the new studio album. To promote this new stage, the single comes with the official lyric video, which I had an exclusive premiere on the website of Roadie Crew, the biggest metal magazine in Brazil.

“'For The Weak' is a taste of what we're going to bring on the new album. The track addresses in its theme the crisis in the general scope of human existence and mental fatigue added to the existential crisis”, explains guitarist Diego Bittencourt. "Stay Tuned for a modern and sophisticated album!", says vocalist Alyson Garcia.

As The Palaces Burn presents a sound focused on modern metal. The band unites technical mastery with old school heavy metal influences to create strong and heavy riffs, accents and broken beats in the right measure. As The Palaces Burn will prove that visionary music never wears a gender etiquette.

The new album is set to debut later this year, the band is in the studio recording the long-awaited second album under the command of Adair Daufembach in production.

Listen to “For The Weak” on all digital platforms.

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