• Jason Hesley

AS I MAY release Charged (Single)!

The Finnish melodic tradition runs hot in the veins of AS I MAY as they release the second digital single of their upcoming album "Karu". "Charged" is a song as heavy and energetic in the verses as melodic and addictive in the chorus. A combination that already proved to be a winner for the Finnish young four-piece.

"The whole idea for the song came from the Netflix "Making A Murderer" series", vocalist & guitarist Lasse Hiltunen says. "The song is based on fiction and we don't have any opinions on that case, but what a story! The actual song has really hard-hitting guitar riffs with an, almost, pop hit vocal melody in the chorus, with metal guitars. For the music video we tried to get more of that story-vibe with colours of flame and charcoal. Sad, tragic story from all points of view", he concludes.

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