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  • Jason Hesley

ARTWORK FOR THE BLIND Release New Video "Hubris Minds In Dystopian Times"

“Hubris Minds in Dystopian Times” is the new single and video landing ahead of the upcoming double album The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Truth later this year. Unleashing an apocalyptic sound of death, thrash and sludge, ARTWORK FOR THE BLINDlay bare the murky gloom of our modern lives.

“Hubris Minds in Dystopian Times is a song that makes you think of some far off dystopian. But when you put the song into perspective, you realize the song is about current events.”

Based out of Louisville, Ky, the outfit formed in February of 2012 originally founded by members of an alternative music group. Inspired by the likes of ACID BATH, ALL PIGS MUST DIE, FAITH NO MORE, and BEHEMOTH, the quartet recently performed at Blue Ridge Rock Festival in 2021 and are due to appear at Full Terror Assault in September 2022. “The First Supper”, the first single from ARTWORK FOR THE BLIND’s upcoming LP last October, offered a glimpse into the abyss. “Hubris Minds in Dystopian Times” continues their descent with the added twist of reflecting the ongoing darkness in our present lives. Eerily emerging the fuzz-laden guitars and pounding percussion build to a full-throttle heavy sound. Demonic vocals deliver a dramatic narrative enhancing the carefully cultivated atmosphere of the track.

The extreme metal powerhouse does not shy away from manifesting a haunting mood, aptly portraying the uncanny depiction of modern times. “Hubris Minds in Dystopian Times” is a disturbingly entrancing release revealing a further tantalising morsel of the upcoming double album.

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