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  • Jason Hesley

ARTIFICIAL SUN Contemplate & Explore ‘The Giants Collapse’

They are constantly searching to explore new musical elements to implement to their sound, thus making the experience an expanding journey for the band and for the listener as well. The musical fundamentals of Artificial Sun with diverse elements lead to the creation of a characteristic and unique sound that can be heard throughout The Giants Collapse. Just as the natural Sun gives life to Earth, Artificial Sun gives life to their music.

The Giants Collapse was recorded, mixed & mastered in Athens, Greece. The cover artwork for the album was handled by the talented Colombian artist Marcela Bolivar.


01. Hell-o | 02. Scapegoat | 03. The Giant's Collapse | 04. Pathetic Race | 05. Monkey Society | 06. Sicko | 07. Thin Line | 08. White Lies | 09. Hoax | 10. Dead Man's Misery

The Giants Collapse | Released May 9th, 2023 via Sliptrick Records

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