• Jason Hesley

Art Imitating Life in Kill Frenzy's Bold New Single "Controlled"

Kill Frenzy comprises of 4 friends from different musical backgrounds, coming together to form this raw, energized, fast-paced thrash metal band. The name is inspired by the original Grand Theft Auto video games and although the members are down to earth, the music screams anger, violence and hatred. Reminding you of old school metal, that just doesn’t seem to be around anymore. As one fan put it “There’s no bullshit, it’s just full-on balls to the wall metal”.

The band hails from the gutters of the Mother City, Cape Town, South Africa. Bursting onto the circuit in March of 2017 with a bombardment of relentless gigging, loudly making themselves known on the local scene.

Listen to Controlled here:

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