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  • Jason Hesley

ARSENIC ADDICTION drop the video for "Moon & Sun"

From Salt Lake City, Utah, Arsenic Addiction was formed in 2006. “Music resembles life, and such as life, no one influence shapes who we are today, and who we will be tomorrow.”

Arsenic Addiction released their first EP, “Requiem of the Fallen” in 2009 and received extensive radio play and features in local media. “The most important thing about these songs,” according to SLUG MAGAZINE, “is they’re all backed with real emotion because in the end, who really wants to listen to a band pretend to be angry and sorrowful when you can get the real deal.” They then toured widely in Utah and neighboring states, sharing the stage with bands such as The Birthday Massacre, Stolen Babies, Dommin, and FLAW.

The band’s second release, “An Undertaker’s Lament” followed in August 2010, with the trademark Arsenic Addiction mourning metal lyrical and musical storytelling and Gothic Victorian attire. To take it a step further a Victorian meets Vaudeville stage show accompanies their live performances. “An Undertaker’s Lament” has had local and international features and reviews and receives regular airplay throughout the Western United States on the internet and physical radio as well as international. “It is mournfully violent metal that has the chameleon-like ability to interest fans of different genres.” The band has also filmed an official music video for song “Lady Death” to add a touch of their live shows to the music for fans lovingly referred to as “addicts” worldwide.

In 2012, Arsenic Addiction opened for national acts Sepultura, Death Angel, Krisiun, and Havok and released the album “Echoes of Mourning: Communion with the Damned” and set out on their “Brewtalitea Tour” in the northwestern US.

After a small break and a few member rotations in 2015, the band released their single ‘Black Mirror’, and in 2017 broke their two-year silence to open for international acts Lamb of God and Behemoth.

In 2018, the band enter the studio with Beast Recordings to work on unleashing their next album entitled “XIX”. The third full length was unleashed on September 23, 2019. With this latest record, the band gave listeners an experience of one’s journey of another’s love, sadness, anger, and pain. The release was planned to be laid out to feel as though you have walked in on the solitary practice of a witch, her life, her experiences, her secrets, her black rites. Example with the lead single ‘Tomb of Sleep’, which is meant to feel aggressive, dark, and a look inside the witch’s feelings of hopelessness and loss.

The band adds:

“This album is the longest we’ve spent writing and recording any one album, as we decided to focus on its quality rather than putting out an album for the release of an album's sake. Five years of hard work, late nights, band lineup changes, and dedication. We think that people who have been our fans since the beginning will see the massive growth we have accomplished as a band. We think some fans will love and appreciate this growth while others may see it as too much of a departure from our previous albums. We are okay with both as we will continue to grow and evolve in a way that is fitting for who we are now and not who or what we were.”

“XIX” is available on, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon.

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