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  • Jason Hesley

ARRIVER Release New Video For "Carrion Sun"

ARRIVER's new video for "Carrion Sun" is out now. Taken from their latest album Azimuth, the Chicago based outfit deliver a diverse metal sound born from manifestations of heavy prog and post-doom.

“To scale the firmament, you must first shatter the breastplate of dawn! That's not a job for the unprepared - first you must render your ego's fat in the molten core of the 'Carrion Sun', shedding the weight of memory and reducing your spirit to its skeleton, so that you may forge your psyche to soar past the stars.

Join ARRIVER on a pulsating ride through the 'Carrion Sun' on the first half of this track before taking a daydreamy detour through the ether, finally succumbing to the grip of gravity's beacon.

Check out ‘Carrion Sun’, the second single from Arriver's seminal release, Azimuth, on YouTube now!”

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