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  • Jason Hesley

ARRIVER Premiere New Album 'Azimuth'

ARRIVER's new album Azimuth is premiering now at Invisible Oranges ahead of its release on March 4th. Azimuth showcases the Chicago based outfit's diverse metal sound born from manifestations of heavy prog and post-doom.

"Our fourth album Azimuth is a psychedelic sci-fi story in the shape of a weird progressive doom metal record. Six years' chaos and dislocation fed its theme of transformation in the face of ruin, where every choice bears life-altering consequences. Each song is a different setting and sound, linked but distinct. It's ARRIVER's most expansive music and our most personal expression."

Following the release of their 2020 single "Holy Glow", Azimuth sees ARRIVER enhance their experimental approach. The music on this album and its story were largely created under pandemic conditions, in states of isolation and confinement. While it isn’t directly about that experience, Azimuth naturally reflects these circumstances. Opening with "Reenactor", the narrative begins with the protagonist coming to terms with his actions and the resulting corruption of his legacy. Immersive textures with a touch of dissonance bring to life the complex and contradictory moods that run through the track. Dominant bass, demonic harsh vocals and soaring melodies deliver a dynamic soundscape. Wrestling with complex emotions, ARRIVER portrays the darker side to the human experience without the neatly resolved fairy-tale ending. "None More Unknown" reveals that while in many respects the protagonist emerges victorious, his personal demons cannot be evaded, and the personal losses are not worth the obtained gains. The vastness of their sound and balance of light and dark results in a profound conclusion.

ARRIVER fuse heavy tones with progressive composition and differing instrumental textures to produce a captivating listening experience. The quartet artfully depict their haunting tale with such deep feeling; in Azimuth they unveil the shadowy gloom.

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