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  • Jason Hesley

AROMA sign to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions!

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have signed Philadelphia Goregrinding masters of brutality Aroma . "Adenocarcinoma" is available now via the HPGD Bandcamp, and is streaming on all digital platforms. Below is the official description::

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome Aroma to the roster with the debut EP "Adenocarcinoma"! Disgusting, slamming, and skin curling punky Goregrind straight out of the gurgling bowels of Filthadelphia. Aroma deliver a gnarly 9 minute punch of putridity and brutality, mixed and recorded by Dungeon Death. For fans of Mortician, Pulmonary Fibrosis and Golem Of Gore.

Purchase the Digital Download for only $4.44 at

Listen to this release on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. at

Listen to the single "Aromatic Scent Of Instant Death" at

For wholesale information please email

For a digital promo to review or for radio airplay please email

For interview requests please email


1.Aromatic Scent Of Instant Death

2.Tormented Carcass

3.Desiccated Scalp Slowly Rotting

4.Fecal Matter Cavity Clot

5.Rapid Absorption Of Volatile Solvents Through The Nasal Mucosa

6.Reluctant Inhalation Of Rancid Aerosolized Piss

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