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  • Jason Hesley

ARCTORA to release "The Storm Is Over"

From the cold north, the storm arrives. Combining all genres of northern metal, Arctora will take you on a journey through a landscape of the soul. Through summer storms and raging blizzards, from the quiet woodlands to vast forests of snow. A promise of hope and the inevitable feeling of melancholy. Arctora tells stories of personal struggles with introspective and vivid lyrics, hoping to offer solace to the listener in their own troubles. The feeling of catharsis through music. "Let not your heart be turned to stone, By all manner of earthly woes"


1. Hearts Ever Restless 2. Arbiter of Fate 3. The Last Winter 4. I Am Human 5. A Pale Image of What You See 6. Wings of Wax 7. The Storm Is Over 8. Haaksi

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