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  • Jason Hesley

Archive 3: Visible/Invisible is the upcoming release from eclectic metal trio LOCRIAN.

Following their most recent album New Catastrophism, Archive 3: Visible/Invisible unveils a moment from the band's early history as a duo and initial explorations of pushing musical boundaries.

"Archive 3: Visible/Invisible captured an early period of LOCRIAN from their first studio session. Visible/Invisible was recorded in 2006, during the same session the group used to record the tracks for the Plague Journal 7" (Archive 02). At the time, LOCRIAN was predominately a band releasing records from live recordings and radio sessions as they explored their sound. Visible/Invisible was inspired by a reissue of the famous Eno/Fripp collaborative album No Pussyfooting, which included tracks at 1/2 speed and other mutations. Archive 3 also contains an extended live version of the title track. This track interpretation is characterized by many permutations from plaintive drone to harsh walls of noise."

Archive 3 demonstrates that LOCRIAN has ventured into the immersive and unfamiliar throughout their evolution as a group. "Visible Invisible" gently builds a captivating soundscape with a serene quality from the ground up. A gentle droning creates a constant from which an array of textures and tones become entangled, some fleeting, others more permanent. Haunting and ethereal, it's a mesmerizing atmosphere that transgresses eerily through multiple chapters. "Visible Invisible Reverse" sees the darker, guitar-driven drones that conclude the opening track takes a prominent position before slowly returning to the lighter beginnings. Delving into an immense listening experience, "Visible Invisible (Live)" emerges with a tolling bell. The atmosphere is heightened through the different instrumental layers and their interactions in this rendition.

LOCRIAN delivers an ambient release that seeks to explore unchartered plains. Archive 3: Visible/Invisible is a captivating and intriguing addition to the ensemble's discography and offers an insight into their musical development.

At the time of this recording, Locrian was a duo of Terence Hannum and André Foisy.

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