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ARAV KRISHNAN to release "The Fallen System"

The album The Fallen System, from metal artist Arav Krishnan, is a dystopia-themed album based on the concept of the failure of society. The storyline forms from the onset of the second song (song one is the ambient introduction which leads in to the album) You Won't Live To See Tomorrow, which foreshadows the element of dystopia and doom in the album. This track takes us into a storyline where it outlines aspects which lead to the failure of society, such as in Rebel Without A Cause and Fame 15 Minutes Long, which outline the flaws of our society today. Next is a section of 3 tracks, Hidden Agenda, Digital Invasion and Fist Of Steel, which tell the story of how everything falls apart and how society erases itself. The last section of The Fallen System, Despondent and Aftermath are a reflective and sombre glance into what society has become and how the human race is eradicated.

The Fallen System is a thrash metal album with elements of groove metal and death metal consisting of 10 songs. The producer of the album is Nikhil Wartooth, who is the lead guitarist and main songwriter of Indian thrash titans Chaos and he handled the mixing duties for the album as well. The mastering was done at Mindfield studios by Akhil. Bass parts for the album were played by Narayanan Shrouthy from Indian groove metal legends Inner Sanctum and the drums are from by Manu Krishnan, also from Chaos. Arav handles both rhythm and lead guitars along with the vocals. Guitars and drums were tracked in their home studio, drums were played on an E-Kit and they used drum samplers for the record to get the precise drum sound that they wanted. The vocals were recorded at Astral Studios in Bangalore. All in all, one and a half years of blood, sweat, tears and a whole lot of fun. The Fallen System represents by far the best work Arav Krishnan has done. Tracklist: 01. Intro | 02. You Won't Live To See Tomorrow | 03. Rebel Without A Cause | 04. Fame 15 Minutes Long | 05. Hidden Agenda | 06. Digital Invasion | 07. Fist Of Steel | 08. The Fallen System | 09. Despondent | 10. Aftermath

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