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  • Jason Hesley

Aramis release "Promethean Treatment" music video!

Bay Area Thrash/Death metal project ARAMIS touches upon human evolution by any means necessary with "Promethean Treatment" Single and Video with SODEH Records.

Promethean Treatment is the first single off of Aramis’s upcoming album, Crimson, releasing June 9th 2023. The title “Promethean Treatment” refers to the idea of pushing forth the progression of something, despite being punished for it. The lyrics detail the thoughts of the main character, who works to push forth humanity’s evolution – by any means necessary. Much like the mythos of Prometheus, who was punished for giving mankind the fire of the gods, the main character believes that they too will be condemned for their actions. Ultimately, they accept this fate along with the arduous and immoral tasks that they will have to complete in order to achieve the end goal.

“The track itself was one of the first songs to be written and demoed for the second album. I had started the writing process for Crimson before Insignificant Memories (Aramis’s debut album) had released, and so Promethean Treatment started development in late 2020. One of the main goals I wanted for the second album was for there to be more technicality in the instrumentation across the board. This is especially exemplified on this track, boasting more a more complex composition and technical prowess in both the drums and guitars, compared to my previous releases. Promethean Treatment went through multiple different phases and forms, having at least 5 different versions with various lyric changes and rewrites before it was finalized. The artwork for the single is taken from my photography portfolio, as are all my art covers. This piece was chosen for its muted color palette and overall darker atmosphere, along with its relation to the full album artwork (yet to be revealed).” – Nik Hayes, artist of Aramis

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