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APOTHEUS Unveils "Cogito" from Forthcoming Album "Ergo Atlas"

Progressive metal visionaries APOTHEUS are excited to present "Cogito," a thought-provoking track that offers a glimpse into their upcoming album "Ergo Atlas." Set to release on October 6th, 2023, under the banner of Black Lion Records, "Ergo Atlas" marks the second installment in the captivating saga originally sparked by their 2019 album and accompanying book. Drawing inspiration from the renowned science fiction author Isaac Asimov, the album promises a thrilling continuation of the epic narrative.

"Cogito," as its name suggests, delves deep into philosophical exploration. It navigates the profound dilemma between enduring a life of suffering and embracing the inevitability of death. The song's title, derived from the famous philosophical proposition "Cogito ergo sum" (I think, therefore I am), masterfully encapsulates its central theme.

The Portuguese band APOTHEUS has crafted a song that showcases their growth and musical evolution. The intro unfolds with a gradual and unconventional approach, setting the stage for a unique listening experience. As the track unfolds, it crescendos into a poignant and intense musical journey, featuring a memorable chorus that underscores the emotional depth of the lyrics. The vocals, delivered with intensity and emotion, effectively convey the pain and desperation inherent in the philosophical struggle at the song's core.

Apotheus invites listeners to embark on a nine-chapter journey within "Ergo Atlas," promising a rollercoaster of melodies, messages, and intrigue. The album serves as both a musical and literary sequel to their previous work, expanding the boundaries of atmosphere and emotion.

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Stream/Listen to "Cogito" Listen Here

Listen to the fourth chapter of the saga Chapter Four

For more information and updates, please visit APOTHEUS on their official website: APOTHEUS

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