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  • Jason Hesley

Apogean Challenge the Illusion of Information Overload on “With Which Ear You'll Listen"

Toronto tech/prog death metal band Apogean has dropped “With Which Ear You’ll Listen,” the second single off their debut full-length, Cyberstrictive, scheduled for 08 March 2024 via The Artisan Era physically (vinyl, CD) and digitally. An integral part of the album’s central theme — exploring the dark side of technology — the latest single reflects on information overload and the rise of the know-nothing know-it-all phenomenon.

Of the song, Apogean says:

“‘With Which Ear You’ll Listen’ is a mutual favorite of ours from our upcoming album, Cyberstrictive, established as the fastest and most demanding track of the release. This is a homage to the technical death metal influences that helped influence the creation of this project, carving out a special sentimentality for us. With unrelenting tempos and early 2000s death metal influences, this track proves to be the heaviest of the album. Thank you for the continued support, enjoy!”

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