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  • Jason Hesley

Apeiron Bound to release "Multiplicity" on August 26th!

APEIRON BOUND deliver their own blend of progressive metal that lyrically delves into the philosophical side of life and the complex nature of the human condition. Formed in the summer of 2018 by composer and guitarist Andrew Stout, Multiplicity sees APEIRON BOUND’s venture emerge into the metal scene with an epic introduction. “We're eternally grateful for everyone that played a role in developing this project. Whether you've been there since day 1 of the quiet days to recently joining aboard, every bit of support matters." Their debut 12-track album explores themes of light and dark through the representation of zen and chaos, with tracks aptly portraying each theme or a combination of the two. The atmospheric, piano driven interlude, “Melancholic Zen”, tells of someone trying to find contentment in the midst of chaotic surroundings. In contrast “Emotive Servitude” explores chaos through the dark side of the human condition at times of crisis. Hard-hitting heavy instrumentation packs a powerful punch with intense energy running through the track. Progressive motifs intersperse the distortion bringing a melodic and chaotic effect. The intense breakdown delivers a black metal twist with an incredible pace and demonic harsh vocals. “Era in Fenim // Novis Initiis” (Latin translation: End of an Era // New Beginnings), concludes the album with a beautifully orchestrated open-ended question on the fate of humanity. Are we cursed to repeat the same horrid cycle that humanity is known for or can we one day transcend above it? The fusion of orchestral strings, brass and dramatic percussion, along with delicate piano melodies and, later on, metal instrumentation, produces an ethereal, cinematic experience.

Soaring through stunningly crafted soundscapes and brutal metal styles, Multiplicity is a thrilling adventure unafraid to celebrate the light and expose the dark. Unleashing a divergent offering of genre mixing, APEIRON BOUND have their sights set on fashioning a unique take on heavy music.

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