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  • Jason Hesley

APEIRON BOUND Release Video for "Eleutheromania"

Prog metal band APEIRON BOUND have released a video for their song "Eleutheromania" featuring renowned guitarist Angel Vivaldi. The track is from their new album Multiplicity which will be released via Layered Reality Productions on August 26th, 2022.

The band comments: "Eleutheromania is a song that focuses on a manic society that's hellbent on paving the road to hell with good intentions. They do this as a way to reassure themselves they're doing the right thing in order to build a better tomorrow for themselves and future generations. This sort of blind faith is utilized by those in high authority to mold society in its own image. They use 'freedom' as a commodity to brainwash society that what they're doing is for the greater good, when in reality is digging their own graves. An unforgivable abuse of power by those that wish to only serve themselves."

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