• Jason Hesley

AntiMozdeBeast to release The Ritual in April!

Enter the underground project AntiMozdeBeast with their latest offering 'The Ritual', a chaotic journey that explores the worlds of metal, harsh electronics, and macabre rituals that come together to leave a lasting imprint on your mind. Being the solo project of Gabriel Palacio, this is about self-expression above all else, which is not only noted by the unusual sound but also embodied by Gabriel himself within his pointed lyrics and aloof punk attitude towards self-promotion on social media. You are not only invited to listen to this new EP, but you are also invited to explore the psyche of an individual tormented by a life of hardship and a world of corruption. Whether you can relate or are simply a witness, The Ritual will definitely be unlike anything you've heard so far this year, it's unique - it's underground.

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