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  • Jason Hesley

Anthropophagus Depravity return with the brutal assault of Demonic Paradise!

Having established themselves at the top of the Indonesian brutal death metal scene with their formidable 2021 debut album, Apocalypto, Anthropophagus Depravity are back with their second full length release, a new collection of vividly realised nightmares that it is set detonate with a seismic global impact! Featuring ten songs of supremely accomplished brutality, delivered with imperious poise and precision, Demonic Paradise takes everything that was so impressive about Anthropophagus Depravity’s debut and lifts it to the next level. It’s time to step across the threshold once again, into a world of soul shaking terror and gut wrenching horror…

Like a knife thrust through the walls of sleep Demonic Paradise opens with the ferocious attack of ‘The Obscure Realm’ and without a second of prevarication the ride has begun. The listener is sent careering through warped landscapes of twisted imagination, driven ever onwards by furious blast beats that collapse into lurching rhythms and explosive percussive blows. Riff after glorious, tortured riff tears through the ominous atmosphere and an imposing voice of hypnotic, infernal power intones words of sickening sorcery and pronouncements of ultimate doom. Outstanding songs like ‘Dogma Weakened Souls’ and ‘Obliterate The Sanctifed’ sink their rusted, infected hooks deep into the overloaded prefrontal cortex, tearing out visions of impossible desolation and screaming violence. Once you are locked into the blood and adrenaline rush of Demonic Paradise there is no escape until the final incantation, ‘Delusions Of The Unholy’ has been spoken. Everything that is so monstrously addictive about brutal death metal can be found within the gore-spattered kingdom of Demonic Paradise!

United by their obsession for the extreme and an insatiable lust for carnage.

Anthropophagus Depravity and Comatose Music will unleash the unholy puissance and devilish dynamism of Demonic Paradise on June 21st. The sonic assault has been honed to perfection by the arcane mixing and mastering skills of Indra Cahya (Perveration, Demented Heart etc), while its visual essence has been captured in the artwork of Timbul Cahyono (Massacre, Nocturnus AD, Terrorizer etc). It is time to face your fears and embrace the embodiment of death - Demonic Paradise is here!

Feel the first incision from Demonic Paradise at the Comatose Music YouTube channel where first single 'Obliterate The Sanctified' is streaming now!

Pre-order at Comatose Music now!

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