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  • Jason Hesley

"Anthems: The Midian Collection 1989-1991," a double CD compilation by Metal Warrior Records!

MIDIAN, the celebrated 80's thrash metal band from New Jersey, is proud to announce their latest release, "Anthems: The Midian Collection 1989-1991." This expansive double CD compilation, now available through Metal Warrior Records, showcases the band's influential early works.

Drummer and band member Chris Hawkins has meticulously curated this collection, which includes all demos from their Mercenari era, along with the entirety of Midian's demo recordings and some rare tracks. The compilation features seminal works such as "Mercenari: 1989 Demo," "The Last War (1990)," and "First Impressions (1991)."

Reflecting on the enduring legacy of their music, Chris expressed, “It’s amazing, that after 30 years, people still enjoy listening to our music. We’re all truly grateful. Keep it going everyone.” In response to the sustained fan interest, Metal Warrior Records will release a limited run of 300 copies of "Anthems."

Chris also hinted at future aspirations, saying, “Hopefully, we can release this cool compilation on vinyl. That’s our goal as well besides the CDs.” He adds, “We’re very happy with Metal Warrior Records. Been a pleasure to work with, let me tell you. Plus it was a case of good timing.”

During their active years from 1989 to 1991, Midian made significant strides in the thrash metal scene, sharing stages with iconic bands like Pantera and Biohazard. Their short yet impactful run left a lasting impression on the 80's/90's underground metal scene, proving their relevance even three decades later.

"Anthems: The Midian Collection 1989-1991" is a must-have for fans of Overkill, Metallica, Testament, and similar thrash metal legends.

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