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  • Jason Hesley

Another song from the Asylum! Alternative metallers Newtierra release 'Hopeless'

You are lost in a world torn apart, where everything you knew to be true has been consumed by the fires of chaos. All that you love is slowly breaking beneath an unbearable weight that increases with each passing hour. The pale sun grows colder and the nights seem to stretch out into forever, the hours of darkness gnawing at your strength and your sense of self. A parade of nightmares whisper to your soul that you are worthless, a stain upon the earth. Yet behind that snarling diatribe of cruelty there is a cool, clear voice that sings of peace. Within the oppressive shadows of fear there is still a light shining; a soft glow that illuminates a pathway to sanctuary. It leads to a door that is always open to the broken hearted and bereft. It leads to a place of warmth and open arms, to healing and hope for the hopeless. You are not alone.

Within the fractured fragility of their alternative metal sound Newtierra strive to carve out a place for tortured souls to rest, an asylum of understanding. They aim to teach those lost in sadness to smile once more, to help the fearful realise their potential through their songs. Their debut album, Dark Side, was presented as a full length therapy course and while the band work hard on their second extended strategy for personal salvation, they are keen not to neglect their patients. Hence they present new single, or outpatient procedure, ‘Hopeless’. ‘Hopeless’ builds slowly but relentlessly, climbing gentle waves of sound to a climactic peak of visceral, aggressive darkness. Throughout it all the voice of F20.1 is a silver thread within the smoke, always at your side, a companion in the pain. Simple and elegant in its structure yet resplendent in its depth, ‘Hopeless’ is alive with overwhelming emotion and currents of tension and urgency rise within as it progresses. Infinitely replayable, it forms a boundless crucible, a receptacle for your sorrows that can never be filled.

‘Hopeless’ is released today, May 24th, in conjunction with a new video, which features F20.1 performing a stunningly expressive, skilled and sensual dance routine – channelling the emotions of the song and bringing them to life through her captivating movements. While we wait for the second full length therapy course from the Asylum, embrace the lessons of ‘Hopeless’ and let Newtierra cradle you in their arms, safe from the storms in your mind.

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