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  • Jason Hesley

Animamortua to release 'Gods Among Us' on October 20th!

ANIMAMORTUA is a Maltese metal band from the island of Malta. Influenced by Thrash, Power, and Speed Metal, the band's lineup includes Juan Xerri (vocals), Clayton Cini (guitars), Emanuel Portelli (guitars), Steven Azzopardi (bass) and Josef Bray (drums). The band combines aggressive guitar work, melodic passages, powerful vocals, and a fast-paced rhythm section.

In 2016, ANIMAMORTUA made its debut at the Xtreme Metal Assault festival in Malta, and since then, they have performed at various festivals and supported major acts like Blaze Bayley, Civil War, Orphaned Land, and Necronomicon. Their charismatic live performances earned them a strong reputation in the Maltese Metal scene. After releasing their debut EP "State of Chaos," the band continued to solidify their position in the scene.

The band is currently finalizing the new album 'Gods Among Us', which is set to be released in October 2023 via Underground Symphony Records.

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