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Anima Tempo premieres "The Infinite Eye"

"The Infinite Eye" is the new single by the band ANIMA TEMPO - one of the Latin American progressive metal groups most representative of the style - it is definitely the best work ever done by the band: a mixture of Egyptian atmospheres, excellent balance between clean and harsh vocals, innovatively virtuous guitar and bass lines, and a barrage of irregular drum beats. All of this will make this release one of the strongest in the genre, especially for fans of Between the Buried and Me, Myrath, Periphery, Scar Symmetry and Persefone.

Through this new single, which includes a special featuring guitarist Yosei Wada of the Japanese band Crisis Slave, the band is ready to take the next step and solidify itself as an outstanding project internationally. The cut will be included in their second album coming out at the end of 2021.

ANIMA TEMPO, made up of Dante Granados (guitarist), Antonio Guerrero (drummer), Gian Granados (singer and guitarist) and Pável Vanegas (bassist), has made 3 European tours, 2 Japanese and 2 Central American, and participates in multiple important festivals around of the world.

Antonio Guerrero, drummer of the band, said the following in relation to the single:

"The title is inspired by the eye of Horus, a representative deity of the Egyptians. For that reason, this track is influenced by the culture of said people, in musical aspects. Yosei Wada from the band CrisisSlave, from Japan. This allows us to mix different cultures and reach a very diverse result. "

The video for "The Infinite Eye" was recorded in Mexico, in the Sierra de Puebla. For Anima Tempo it was a very rewarding experience, since a place that resembled a desert was chosen to achieve this persecuted Egyptian artist.

In turn, the Mexican ensemble is preparing strongly for the release of their second full-length album. "The Infinite Eye" and the group's previous single, "Deceitful Idols" served as musical preludes for things to come. The concept of the album will be the inclusion of different cultures and musical styles, best described as a journey through the moment that travels through current and relevant fields of today.

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