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ANGELUS APATRIDA Launch “28 Months Later: A Post-Apocalyptic Metal Documentary”

Spain’s leading Thrash Metal band ANGELUS APATRIDA are currently touring across North America once again, but have checked in with the great news that they wrapped up recordings for their upcoming, 8th studio album, to be entitled Aftermath and to be released in October via Century Media Records worldwide.

Following up their self-titled “Angelus Apatrida” ("/ˈan-je-lus - a-ˈpa-tri-da/") album from 2021, which managed to top the official album charts in Spain at # 1, as well as mark the band’s first ever chart entries in Germany at # 49 and Switzerland at # 41, Aftermath was once again self-produced by the band, with recordings handled by Juanan López at Baboon Records in Albacete, Spain and then mixing and mastering with Zeuss (ROB ZOMBIE, OVERKILL, HATEBREED, MUNICIPAL WASTE, SHADOWS FALL) at Planet-Z in Wilbraham, MA, USA.

ANGELUS APATRIDA checked in with the following comment about the upcoming release, which promises to be the band’s heaviest, catchiest and most versatile offering at the same time: “We did it again! We knew ‘Angelus Apatrida’ was a hard nut and something very difficult to overcome but I can affirm that our new album has all the best songs we’ve ever created, mixing every single essence of what we are. There is speed, aggressive riffs, crazy growls, high vocals, insane solos, incredibly fast and deep drums, clean guitars, amazing guest appearances and even a ballad… yes, another ballad! This album is what METAL means to us! Can’t wait you to check this new music, you’ll love it!"

The album will once again come with artwork by Gyula Havancsák (ANNIHILATOR, DESTRUCTION, STRATOVARIUS) and will feature an interesting cast of guest appearances to be revealed over the course of the coming weeks, alongside with more details of Aftermath, so look out!

In the meantime, kicking off the campaign for Aftermath, ANGELUS APATRIDA are now launching an interesting documentary directed by Mike Casey entitled 28 Months Later: A Post-Apocalyptic Metal Documentary, which deals with the period between the preparation of the latest album, its release through the time of the pandemic as well as the way leading towards this next upcoming release.

Guitarist/Vocalist Guillermo Izquierdo added about the documentary as follows: “When we confirmed the last shows of the ‘Indoctrinate World Tour’ I came to Mike with the idea of doing something bigger than all the works we were doing during the last months: To tell in first person how the situation went from a global pandemic disaster to a global music success, all around the making and release of ‘Angelus Apatrida’. Our first documentary is made with a lot of respect and love for our jobs and music itself, and it’s a way to say a big THANK YOU to every single person in the world who one way or another helped us to survive these chaotic times and stay stronger than ever.”

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