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ANGELIC FORCES release video for new song "Arise" from upcoming new album.

Netherlands based heavy metal band ANGELIC FORCES have released the video for their new song "Arise"

The song is a preview of their upcoming new album "Arise" to be made available on both cd and vinyl formats during December 2022, via Netherlands based No Dust Records and United States based Animated Insanity Records.

Angelic Forces band line-up:

Harold de Vries – vocals/guitar Maurice Gijsman – Guitar Wilco van der Meij – Bass Rudie Kingma – Drums

In 2014, bass player Wilco van der Meij decided that it was time for a change in his life and left the band Methusalem, however Wilco couldn't walk away from the heavy metal music he had grown to love, and decided to start a metal band again. So Wilco set out to form a new band and was soon able to add to the lineup drummer-Rudie Kingma, vocalist and guitarist-Harold de Vries (former front man of Methusalem) and guitarist-Maurice Gijsman (L.S.D.).

By the Spring of 2015, the band was complete and then the new group began to contemplate a band name. The band quickly decided on the moniker - "Angelic Forces" because it was a good fit for the style of music the band wanted to play. On June 2016, Angelic Forces recorded their first single and that same month, after its first release, the single received positive reactions worldwide.

In 2018, Angelic Forces stepped onto the metal scene with the release of their self-titled 3-track EP recorded at the "Soundlodge studio" in Germany and again received lots of positive reactions worldwide, from the Christian scene as well as the seculiar scene.

In the past years, Angelic Forces managed the create a steady fan base on both scenes and played with well known metal acts like: Leviticus, War of Ages, Slechtvalk, as well as Tygers of Pan Tang and festivals that included major acts like: Cradle of Filth and King Diamond (our light will shine strong there).

Angelic Forces is a heavy metal band from the Netherlands that is strongly influenced by the 80's metal scene, but with their own special sound.

Angelic Forces knows how to convince the audience with straight forward heavy metal, powerful songs, heavy sound and their energetic live performance.

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