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  • Jason Hesley

Angelic Desolation to release "Orchestrionic Abortion" in 2023!

ANGELIC DESOLATION's new album Orchestrionic Abortion is a gore fuelled assault on the senses. Indulging in an appetite for amalgamating grind, thrash and death metal, with horror stage antics, the Denver, CO, quartet thrive on creating an utterly brutal sound. It's certain to appeal to fans of rage, inhuman rhythms and merciless riffs.

Orchestrionic Abortion is the band's first release with new bassist Leonard White who introduces a 5-string bass into their sound cranking up the heavy. ANGELIC DESOLATION also made the decision to up the intensity with their tracks, focusing on making a high-impact. ANGELIC DESOLATION draw their twisted sound from the likes of CRYPTOPSY, REVOCATION, and ABORTED. Writing music without limits, the outfit unleash an array of explosive metal with technical elements thrown in. The albums begins with the heavy build-up into "Brutus McMucus". Intense speed, eerie dissonance and thundering bass drum double-kicks drive a huge sound. Ferocious screams open "Pterrordactyl Mann" and unveil progressive chaos through off beat rhythms and non-standard time signatures. The stupendous breakdown opens the pits of hell with it's diminishing tempo. "Barbaric Destroyer" lives up to its name yielding an unforgiving, demonic onslaught.

Comprised of seven original tracks and a cover of CATTLE DECAPITATION's "Forced Gender Reassignment", Orchestrionic Abortion is a blood-soaked album best enjoyed loud.

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