• Jason Hesley

ANDERWELT to release the E.P. "2084"

What would Orwell's “1984” novel be about, if it were set in the present day? ANDERWELT provides us with the answer, placing humanity in a world where the real and the virtual converge, where the truth is no more a matter of fact but negotiable, where social media likes become a new currency, and where freedom is nothing else than slavery. The album is a chant about loneliness, performed with a strong visual component: closing the eyes, it will be easy to imagine megacities covered by an endless rain, people alone in their own flats, excited by ephemeral virtual adventures, or wandering in crowded streets, looking for something they have long lost. This loneliness is perfectly reproduced on the musical side through maliconic arpeggios, mid tones backing vocals and the growl of the singer Phil Wintersberger who seems to shout in our faces "Look how alone we are!"

Anderwelt "2084" (Full-Length) Release date: November, 20th 2020 Label: Electric Fire Records Distribution: Broken Silence Genre: Dark Ambient Metal

Tracklist: 1. #plenty 2. #true 3. #luv 4. #pax

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