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  • Jason Hesley

Ancient Settlers releases "Wounded Heart" video!

Ancient Settlers quickly gained a fierce reputation in the melodic death metal European scene thanks to a relentless live activity, and are now eager to raise the bar with their second studio album.

Guided by the demoniac vocals of frontwoman Argen Death, the Venezuelan/Spanish band masters the melodeath subject with absolute confidence through storming heavy riffs, thick grooves and catchy hooks (just like the Swedish godfathers taught us all).

"Oblivion's Legacy" is a conceptual work that delves into the profound depths of human existence, exploring the legacy we leave behind as individuals and as a species. The lyrics contemplate the impact of our actions, the struggles we face, and the ultimate fate that awaits us all.

Set against a backdrop of cosmic wonder and existential introspection, each song serves as a chapter in the unfolding narrative of humanity's journey through time and space.

"Oblivion's Legacy" tracklist:

1. The Circle Of Misanthropy

2. Oblivions Legacy

3. Stardust Odyssey

4. Wounded Heart

5. Subversive

6. Coven Garden

7. The Mechanical Threats Paradox

8. The Last Battle In The Earth

9. Cosmic Farewell

10. Redemption

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