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  • Jason Hesley

Ancient Doom trio NEPHILIM'S NOOSE release sophomore album BLOOD CHANTS OF IMPIETY!

BLOOD CHANTS OF IMPIETY, the sophomore album from Canadian extreme doom metal band NEPHILIM’S NOOSE, exposes listeners to what the band refers to as ‘Ancient Doom’ - a mix of death/doom, black metal, and old school death metal.

Recording, mixing, and mastering was done in house by ‘Mr. Sanders,” who brought out the album’s details of long form destruction that swings like an ax between crushing doom and blackened death metal.

NEPHILIM’S NOOSE was formed in 2018 as a three man congregation, reciting death hymns that pay homage to the Nephilim and Rephaim. After releasing their debut album just a year later, and a split EP in 2022, the band began writing and recording BLOOD CHANTS OF IMPIETY in 2020-2021/

In the leadup to the album release, the band released the single Cloaked In Chains // The Sanguinary Altar (Stream on YouTube), providing a dark and cold example of the album’s atmosphere. With BLOOD CHANTS OF IMPIETY, the band musically draws from hellish landscapes and lyrically focuses on the annihilation from the Nephilim.

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