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  • Jason Hesley

Anael to release the Album Mare on June 7th!

Anael [GERMANY] - Mare CD. Dark Black Metal. Once again Anael has united with Paragon Records, and it is for their 2021 album that was only originally available on Cassette "Darkness Shall Rise Productions, Germany" & LP "Into Endless Chaos Records, Germany" . Since their inception the band has slowly progressed to carve out a path all their own and Mare is a prime example of this. Taking the style of their last full length "From Arcane Fires" back in 2008 a bit further and in different directions, their music embraces a mood all into its own with great song writing, organic dynamic production and vocals that sometimes remind me you of early Tiamat-The Astral Sleep era].  There is no aping your heroes whatsoever and Anael is in a world onto its own. This version features a bonus track that was originally only available on their band camp page.

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