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An Epic Journey Through Time: Flavien's "Le Chant du Fer" Explores the Spirit of Ancient Warriors!

Brace yourselves, as French folk-metal artist Flavien takes listeners on a mesmerising journey back to a time of ancient battles with his latest single, "Le Chant du Fer." This ambitious release is much more than a piece of music; it's a celebration of bravery, loyalty, and the spirit of ancient warriors, delivered through a captivating blend of folk-metal, epic fantasy, and sheer passion. From the very beginning, Flavien's creative process was driven by a desire to paint a vivid picture of a medieval battle. He shared, "The creative process of this music first started with the text that I wrote. I wanted to tell a medieval battle, and then Christophe created the music based on the text. I really like this composition, I think it sums up the epic, energetic and also dramatic side of a battle." Flavien's inspiration wasn't confined solely to the realms of imagination. Drawing from his real-life passion for historical European martial arts, he found guidance in the techniques of ancient European fencing masters such as Hans Talhoffer and Fiore dei Liberi. "This is the sport that I practice... I found it very inspiring to base myself on the treatises of medieval fencing masters where there are quite original and inspiring illustrations to create the text and the lyrical video of the song." A distinct feature of "Le Chant du Fer" is Flavien's use of French in the chorus, a first for his epic songs. This choice holds a particular significance for him, as he explained: "The meaningful theme to me in this release is the use of French in the chorus of the song as this is the first time on my elvish and epic songs that I sing in French, my native language. I find that the part sung in French gives the essence of the idea of the song." Alongside French, the inclusion of the Elvish language (Quenya) adds a universal appeal, resonating with fans of the fantastical language created by Tolkien. Flavien further said, "It's a language that sounds quite Latin, quite European, and is a fantastic language."

Flavien's hope for this release is to transport listeners to another era and immerse them in an ancient battle scene. He said, "I hope the public will appreciate this new release because it's a song that talks about a very particular subject and is straight out of my imagination. I also hope that this creation will take viewers on a journey to another era, another universe, as if time had stopped in the middle of a battle scene!" Released on June 30, 2023, under the label Artanos, "Le Chant du Fer" serves as an authentic testament to the enduring appeal of the old interwoven with the new, the powerful combined with the poetic. With contributions from talented musicians like Aliocha Regnard (Nickelharpa), Marti Ilmar Uibo (Percussions), and Christophe Voisin-Boisvinet (Programming), the song stands as an extraordinary blend of epic narratives and entrancing music.

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