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AMON SETHIS: Sign With Wormholedeath And Present "Part 0!"

We are proud to announce that French Progressive Metal wizards AMON SETHIS signed with Wormholedeath a licensing deal for their album "Part 0: The Queen With Golden Hair" due for release on 22 10 2021 worldwide.

Part 0 – The Queen With Golden Hair is the third album by Amon Sethis. It actually is a prequel which story takes before previously released albums Part 1: The Prophecy and Part 2: The final Struggle.

Based on the Seventh Dynasty of Egypt (which existence is still debated) this album trilogy tells the tragic story of Queen Nitocris, mother of the two sons Isias and Ateravis. Full of oriental and epic inspiration, Part 0: The Queen With Golden Hair is often described as a possible cinematic experience if you just close your eyes, listen and imagine.

Recorded, mixed and mastered between 2019 and 2020 by Eliott Tordo at Suntzu Records.


1. The Legacy From The Past (Intro)

2. Nitocris The Queen With Golden Hair

3. My Sister, My Love, My Pharaoh

4. The Conspiracy

5. The Secret Letter

6. The Rise Of Aoutef’s Army

7. Lost In The West

8. Desert Storm

9. Osiris, God Of The Dead

10. Mask Of Wrath

11. By The Torture

12. Eternal Love

13. The Blood Red Temple

14. From Dust To The Stars

15. And Then Comes The Rain - On The Way back To Memphis (Digital release bonus track)

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