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  • Jason Hesley

“Amnessia Eterna” delivered a precision-honed teutonic thrash debut LP album "Malditos"

The Brutal Records is proudly announced the latest band in their ranks: Welcome! Thrash Metal Chilean's heavyweight “Amnessia Eterna” delivered a precision-honed teutonic thrash debut LP album "Malditos" July 30th, that’s well worth your time!

If you’re here hoping to find something unhinged and chasmic, you’re in luck. Amnessia Eternas’ sound is gloriously formed by Camilo Sánchez (vocal, guitars), Rudy Pereira (guitars), Jairo Sepúlveda (drums) and Fernando Martínez (bass).

Malditos, whose art is in charge of Hanyo Arte and Rustico Films taken to the next level with a official videos directed by Claudio Vergara , "Falso Predicador" and ,"Infierno" will be released in CD format and on all digital music platforms by Sony Music/ The Orchard and Brutal Records.

There’s something refreshing about Amnessia Eterna’s simplified approach to the thrash metal genre. The quartet’s no-frills approach doesn’t rely on bold atmospherics or sweeping displays of technical proficiency, it gives you exactly what you want when you’re craving straight-up thrash metal, executed with immense quality.



03.Desquiciado Pecador

04.En busca del Poder



07.Tan solo

08.Falso Predicador


10.Todo cae


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