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  • Jason Hesley

American thrash metal project INFERNAL TYRANT - "Fallen from Grace" debut album.

American thrash metal project INFERNAL TYRANT are providing their new self released debut album "Fallen from Grace" for worldwide media review and airplay. .

INFERNAL TYRANT - "Fallen from Grace" album track list:

1.Infernal Tyrant 2.Call from Beyond 3.Insurrection 4.Wave of Violence 5.Divine Lies 6.Thing in the Ice 7.Fevered Egos 8.Thunder & Thrash


INFERNAL TYRANT is a thrash based project created by Metal Thrashing Mike of the Metal Thrashing Nerd podcast.

Its music is rooted in thrash but offers influences from various forms of metal including black, death and power metal.

The first album "Fallen from Grace" was released on July 30, 2022.

All music was written and produced by Metal Thrashing Mike during the pandemic.

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