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  • Jason Hesley

American Terror to release "Where We Are" on July 8th!

The new album “Where WE Are” was produced, mixed and mastered by singer Brad Cox at his studio outside of Atlanta, GA. It is a brutal mix of metal and punk with songs you can’t help but get stuck in your head. This album is full of piss and vinegar that is going to offend the woke society and cancel culture. This album doesn’t take sides, it’s just tells the truth, good, bad and ugly…

“The past couple of years have been so crazy and my heart goes out to everyone affected by them,” Cox says. “Everyone felt this in so many different ways. For my mental health, I decided it was time to focus on writing and recording a new album. ‘End Of America’ was the first song to come out of this. After that, the rest of the upcoming album basically wrote itself.“

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