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  • Jason Hesley

American metal powerhouse Dire release new single, 'Enemy', on June 28th!

Hailing from Quitman, Georgia American metal band Dire have been slowly but surely building a reputation as purveyors of the very finest in modern heavy metal. Since laying down rock solid foundations with their self-titled debut EP in 2013, the band have gone on to release two full length albums (Volume 1 in 2016 and Volume 2 in 2021) and two further EPs – including 2023s outstanding Crush The Head. Now it is time for the next chapter in the Dire story to begin, with a stunning new single that the band describe as “…one of the most aggressive Dire tracks to date.” Brace yourself for a head on confrontation with the ‘Enemy’!

“You want a war? Today I’ve got the time!”

With its snapping rhythms, crisp, crunching riffs and snarling vocals, simmering with rage, ‘Enemy’ is a song that takes no prisoners. Lyrically it mounts a scathing attack on those who abuse the tolerance and good nature of others, those who spend their days searching for every opportunity to be hurt or offended, determined to keep the spotlight permanently on themselves as they dominate the narrative of society. Dire have finally lost patience and ‘Enemy’ is the result! Yet for all its intense and unbridled anger, ‘Enemy’ is also a finely crafted song, with a richly textured sound. The tempos shift from measured menace to fury unleashed while gleaming, inescapable hooks lodge firmly in the brain with just a single listen. Spiralling guitar motifs and an excellent solo adorn and augment a song which, while as solid and compact as an iron fist, also displays abundant variation, with even the defiant vocals possessing an impressive expressive range. If ‘Enemy’ is a signpost towards the future of Dire, then true metal greatness awaits us.

“Watch me…become an enemy!”

Accompanied by a hard-hitting lyric video, ‘Enemy’ will explode on June 28th bringing its metallic fury to the masses. If the searing sounds of Dire have passed you by then this is the perfect opportunity to discover a rising force in metal. As for existing fans of the band…well they already know how good this is going to be. Get ready to face your ‘Enemy’!

Watch the official lyric video for Enemy at the Imperative PR YouTube channel now:

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