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  • Jason Hesley

Alternative Metal Band MORDRED Release ‘Demonic #7’ Music Video!

The influential San Francisco alternative thrash metal act MORDRED have revealed a new music video for “Demonic #7,” which can be viewed HERE. The video is the latest visual piece for the band’s first new album in over 25 years, ‘The Dark Parade’ which was shot and edited by Eddie Granillo (Instagram @kept1) and stars Testament vocalist Chuck Billy as… the devil.

"The way I remember it, Eddie and Jeff [Gomes], our drummer came up with the Chuck Billy devil storyline. It was Szandora LaVey [daughter of the infamous Anton LaVey] who was able to talk Chuck into painting him up when she came with the red paint, devil horns and the idea of being demon ladies," explains singer Scott Holderby about the behind-the-scenes process.

"Szan and Edie Eve choreographed all of their moves, and our good friend Larry Chandeler did all of the animations and post-production so that Eddie could edit. It was a really fun shoot, despite a dry ice debacle, but oh well, we had our personal smoke machine to puff it up. It was also nice that our seventh band member Chris Powell could be in the video (as he helped write the song and played on the recording of it). Ken Mooney crushed his part too (he's actually a great singer in real life0. The are realms even lower than hell..."

MORDRED continues to promote ‘The Dark Parade’ with more videos and live shows in the works. In recent months the band recently completed west coast shows with Defiance, a festival appearance at Blades of Steel in WI and a trip to Europe to play Hellfest in France. Next up Sept. 30th headlining Club Fox in Redwood City, CA.

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