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  • Jason Hesley

"Allied In Massacre": A Split Release by Muert and Svpremacist

In a collaboration, two compelling forces in black metal, Muert and Svpremacist, have joined forces to release "Allied In Massacre". This split album is a showcase of the distinctive and lethal approaches to metal by both bands, now available for streaming and CD purchase via Iron, Blood And Death Corp Distribucion's Bandcamp.

Muert, hailing from Spain, contributes four tracks to the album. These tracks are a deep dive into the abyss, with extreme sounds that invoke the darkest aspects of the human psyche, setting the tone for this collaborative opus.

Svpremacist elevates the split with five new thrash black metal war songs. These tracks continue Svpremacist's quest for eternal death, with plans already underway to enter the studio for further satanic creations.

Philippe Deschemin, the creative force behind the project, expresses his enthusiasm: "I am delighted to share my new single with you. 'When Memories Do Call' is from the forthcoming album, which concludes the Night Trilogy. I've incorporated classic '80s synths along with contemporary equipment. The goal was to capture the essence of the '80s while infusing it with a modern sound and rock dynamism. The saga of Mr. Strangler continues—night is ours!"

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