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  • Jason Hesley

Alkhemia release Abraxas via Malpermesita Records!

Alkhemia will captivate fans of Mgla, Groza, or Naglfar, merging heavy blast beats with infuriated, melodic, and harrowing guitar riffs.

Alkhemia is a French Black Metal entity crafted in Lille by James Spar, enriched with the prowess of "Le Prince" (En Finir) - Guitars, A.S.A (Azziard, Redsphere, ex The Negation...) - Bass, Marbas (Malcuidant, Nirnaeth, Lord Ketil...) - Guitars and Alex Josien - Drums.

The band's inaugural album “ABRAXAS”, recorded at the renowned Nebiros Studio and mastered at Studio La Crypte by Clément Flandrois,that will be released in March 2023 on Malpermesita Records, echoes with the oppressive modernity. It intertwines the theory of the two wolves and George Orwell's '1984'. “ABRAXAS”' addresses the contemporary vision of man and the most sinister industrialization.

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